Direct From Paris, A Magnificent 153 piece, French 19th Century, Louis XVI Pattern, Silver Plated Flatware Set in Excellent Condition with 4 Drawer, Mahogany Storage Chest and 9 Fabulous Serving Pieces, Circa late 1800s !!
Price: $3,829.00
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Direct From Paris, A Magnificent 153 piece, French 19th Century, Louis XVI Pattern, Silver Plated Flatware Set in Excellent Condition with 4 Drawer, Mahogany Storage Chest and 9 Fabulous Serving Pieces, Circa late 1800s !!

Each of these Stunning Pieces is Made by Hand to the Highest International Standards Utilizing France's Revolutionary Silver Plating Processes.

Internationally Known Brand, Luxurious Quality and Craftsmanship, The Look and Feel of Sterling Silver at 1/10 the Price - You Can't Go Wrong Buying Quality !!

The Elegant Dinner Knife and Dinner Fork !!

The Luxurious Tablespoon and Dinner Fork !!

The Luncheon Knife and Luncheon Fork !!

The Individual Fish Pieces !!

Includes a Stunning 4 Drawer Storage Chest and an Amazing Assortment of 9 Serving Pieces - Luxury, Elegance and Sophistication Traditionally Reserved for the French Elite !!

The Chest Open Showing the 4 Different Drawers !!

The Dinner Forks, Tablespoons, and the Luncheon Forks, Spoons and Knifes !!

The Fish Pieces, Oyster Forks, Cake Forks, Teaspoons and  Demitasse Spoons !!

Dinner Knives, Meat Carving Set and Large Serving Spoon !!

Additional Serving Pieces !!

The Closed Chest !!

This is a Beautifully Elegant Set, Outstanding Value for Money and Includes an Amazing Assortment of 9 Serving Pieces. A Treasured Family  Investment to be Enjoyed for Generations, A Luxurious Addition to the Family Estate !!

The Sturdy Fish Serving Pieces !!

The Large Serving Spoon and Serving Fork !!

The Large Soup / Stew Serving Ladle and the Gravy Serving Ladle !!

Total Luxury at an Amazingly Low Price, Outstanding Value for Money, A True Family Heirloom for Generations !!

The Elegant Dinner Fork - Front and Back !!

The Traditional Luxury and Elegance of Antique French Silver Plated Flatware, Unparalleled Quality and Craftsmanship !!

Another Rarity - No Monograms on any of the Pieces, An Ultra Luxurious Addition to Any Finely Set Table, Stately Elegance and Style !!

The Front Side of the Fork and Spoon Handles !!

The Underside of the Fork and Spoon Handles !!

Imagine This Magnificent Set on Your Dinner Table - For Those Very, Very Special Guests, A Very Safe and Intelligent Investment in This Current Uncertain Economic Climate,  Protect Those Profits !! 

The Front Side of the Knife Handles !!

The Underside of the Knife Handles !!

This set is in excellent condition and is of very high quality using the unique French electroplating processes which result in a very thick level of plating - sometimes two or three time thicker than other international brands. The craftsmanship on the individual pieces in the set is comparable to that found on sterling silver pieces.  Also, the weight,  dimensions, balance and feel of these pieces is comparable to their sterling silver counterparts.  And at less that 10% of the price of a used sterling silver set, this set is an excellent buy. High end silver plated flatware sets, like this one, are  a better buy than the mass-produced, lightweight sterling silver that is wobbly in the hand and poorly finished. If you are looking for a high quality silver plated set - this is the one !!

There are no monograms on any of these pieces and no evidence that a monogram has been removed. This set is of exceptional quality and craftsmanship (check the weights and measures below). The set includes (all weights and measures approximate):

12 Dinner Knives - Stainless Blades 24.80 cm.  113 grams
12 Dinner Forks 21.00 cm. 77 grams
12 Tablespoons 21.00 cm. 86 grams
12 Luncheon Knives - Stainless Blades 20.50 cm. 81 grams
12 Luncheon / Dessert Forks 18.90 cm. 56 grams
12 Luncheon / Dessert Spoons 18.90 cm. 66 grams
12 Fish Forks 18.60 cm. 57 grams
12 Fish Knives 21.00 cm. 66 grams
12 Oyster Forks 12.30 cm. 22 grams
12 Teaspoons 14.20 cm. 28 grams
12 Mocha Spoons 11.80 cm. 18 grams
12 Cake Forks 14.50 cm. 27 grams
1 Large Soup / Stew Serving Ladle 31.50 cm. 268 grams
1 Gravy Serving Ladle 17.50 cm. 89 grams
1 Large Fish Serving Knife 26.70 cm. 108 grams
1 Large Fish Serving Fork 22.30 cm. 87 grams
1 Large Serving Fork 24.50 cm. 96 grams
1 Large Meat Serving Fork 27.50 cm. 186 grams
1 Large Serving Spoon 24.00 cm. 113 grams


Mahogany 4 Drawer Storage Chest - L. = 50.00 cm., W. = 37.50 cm., H. = 25.00 cm.


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