SOLD - Two Austro-Hungarian (Habsbury) Empire Royal 19th Century Sterling Silver Candelabra – Family Crest on Each Piece.
Price: $112,319.00
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A Stunning Pair of  Austro Hungarian, "Habsburg" Empire, Royal, 19th Century Silver Candelabras with the Family Crest Engraved on Each Piece.  Privately Commissioned, The Ultimate in Fine Dining Luxury, (circa: 1880s) !!

The Traditional Luxury, Elegance, Sophistication and Quality of  the 19th Century European Aristocracy, Each of These Magnificent Silver Candelabra is Meticulously Sculptured by Hand !!

Candelabra #1 is approximately 65 cm. in height; 40 cm. across and weights roughly 4 kilos. !!

Stunning Works of Art and a Very Safe and Intelligent Investment in This Present Economic Climate.  A Wise Investment that can be Enjoyed by the Entire Family for Generations !!

Candelabra #2 is  also approximately 65 cm. in height; 40 cm. across and also weights in excess of 4 kilos. !!

Act Now to Protect Your Family's Wealth Before its Too Late - Sterling Silver, the Smart Practical Investment Vehicle Focused on Capital Preservation AND Return !!

Unbelievably Intricate Workmanship and Quality Throughout, Imagine These Lovely Pieces on Your Dinner Table - For Those Very, Very Special Guests !!

A Luxurious "One of a Kind" Set of Gorgeous Sterling Silver 19th Century Candelabra in Excellent Condition.   You Can't Go Wrong Buying Quality !!

The Perfect Hedge Against Wealth Erosion from this Current Economic Environment  and a Worthy Addition to the Family Treasure !!

A Rare Opportunity to Purchase an Outstanding, One of a Kind Set of Silver Candelabra, Typical of those Enjoyed by the Kings and Queens of Europe !!

The Family Crest Engraved on the Base of Each of these Amazing Candelabra - EXQUISITE !!

These are extremely high quality pieces and and each bears the "Dianakopf" or "Diana's Head" hallmark, first used in 1867; in addition to the "Dog Head" hallmark on all of their components.  These pieces date from the late 1800s, are offered at an extraordinarily low price and are very good value for money.  Bid with confidence and enjoy 100% buyer protection.


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