SOLD - A Stunning, 19th Century, Vermeil (Gold Plated Sterling Silver) Ice Cream Set by One of France's Premier Silversmiths "Jean-Baptiste Odiot" Very Rare "Chateaubriand" Pattern !!
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A Stunning, 19th Century, Vermeil (Gold Plated Sterling Silver) Ice Cream Set by One of France's Premier  Silversmiths "Jean-Baptiste Odiot" Very Rare "Chateaubriand" Pattern !!

Each Stunning Piece in this Spectacular Set is Crafted by Hand  and Reflects the Grace, Style and Sophistication of 19th Century France, You Can't Go Wrong Buying Quality !!

The Individual Vermeil Ice Cream Spoon !!

The House of Odiot, Recognized the World Over as The World's Undisputed Leading Manufacturer of  Stunning Vermeil Pieces of Unparalleled Luxury and Quality !!  

The Front Side of the Spoon Handles !!

The Underside of the Spoon Handles !!

A Worthy Addition to the Family Treasure, Internationally Known Brand, Recognizable Quality, Absolutely Luxurious !!

The Ice Cream Scoop !!

Rare Ice Cream Carver / Server !!

Privately Commissioned, this Amazing Set is Typical of "Mason Odiot" Stunning Craftsmanship and Luxury Traditionally Enjoyed by the 19th Century French Aristocracy !!

The Front Side of the Server Handles !!

The Underside of the Server  Handles !!

This is a Truly Outstanding Set and Excellent "Value for Money" A True Family Heirloom for Generations, Invest in Your Family's Future !!

Includes the Original 19th Century Custom Made Storage Chest with Odiot Signature Hallmark on the Inside of the Top Cover !!

An Ultra Luxurious Addition to the Family Treasure - Stately French Elegance and Style, just for Those Very, Very, Special Guests !!

Close-up of The Front Side of the Spoon Handles !!

Close-up of The Underside of the Spoon Handles !!

The House of Odiot was founded in 1690 and for over three centuries the company of silversmiths has maintained it's fabulous tradition of creating masterpieces in precious metals - primarily silver and gold.  Through subsequent generations it has devoted itself to the same task, handing down a heritage of work, intelligence, honor and renown.  For five generations the firm has been silversmiths to the Kings and Queens of Europe as well as Presidents and Emperors around the world. Today the firm is ranked amongst the best silversmiths in the world. All their items are of a rare luxury.  However, the greatest jewel of all was created in 1854 for Said Pacha, The Vice-King of Egypt who ordered a set of three thousand items, the majority of them in gold, for the concession he granted to Ferdinand de Lesseps for the construction and exploitation of the Great Canal.  The set cost nearly 2 million dollars. Each of These magnificent pieces in this set has both the French State's "Head of the Minerva-1" hallmark certifying a minimum of 950 sterling, and The House of Odiot hallmark. They are of extremely high quality and were manufactured during the early 1800s when some of the most elaborate and elegant French silver pieces were made.  The quality and workmanship are impossible to duplicate today. The set is in EXCELLENT condition, although the exterior of the chest is a bit beat up. The set contains the following (all weights and measure approximate):


Vermeil Ice Cream Spoons

4.75 cm.

44 grams


Vermeil Ice Cream Serving Scoop

25.00 cm.

162 grams


Vermeil Ice Cream Serving Knife

23.00 cm.

125 grams


Original 29th Century Custom



Original 19th Century Custom Made Leather Covered Storage Chest: W=43cm, L-43cm, H=5cm.


You Won't Often Find a Set of This Quality and Craftsmanship Available on the Open Market - Don't Let This One Pass You Bye !!

The Odiot "Signature" Hallmark and the Minverva-1 Hallmark on the Blade of the Rare Ice Cream Carver / Server !!

High End Antique French Gold Plated 950 Sterling Silver (Vermeil) - The Perfect Wealth Protection Investment in this Uncertain Economic Environment !!

The Closed Chest !!

Close-up of the Brass Plate on the Top of the Custom Made Storage Chest !!

Join the Ranks of our Satisfied International "A-List" Clients - Buy Them Now !!


Join Our Distinguished List of Satisfied Customers - Invest in Your Family's Future, Buy Them Now !!

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