User: Website Customer   Date: October, 2016

Praise: You certainly exceeded our expectations on quality.  Will order again. Thank you very much.

User: Website Customer   Date: September, 2016

Praise: Received the set today and it is perfect.  Thanks.

User: mikebaab ( 1303Red star icon for feedback score in between 1,000 to 4,999)  Date: August, 2016

Praise: All good here!

User: Website Customer   Date: August, 2016

Praise: Thank you and we will order again.

User: 310grayfox ( 32Yellow star icon for feedback score in between 10 to 49)  Date: August, 2016

Praise: Excellent communication, impeccably packaged, recommend without reservation. A+

User: Website Customer   Date: July, 2016

Praise: The shipment arrived today and I am very pleased.  Thank you.  

User: Website Customer   Date: July, 2016

Praise: Another great piece. Thank you, et a la prochaine.

User: nimccarthy ( 18Yellow star icon for feedback score in between 10 to 49)  Date: June, 2016

Praise: Everything I have bought from estate-sterling has been excellent.

User: Website Customer   Date: June, 2016

Praise: Thank you and we will order again.

User: Website Customer   Date: May, 2016

Praise: Thank you very much.  The appraisal was much higher than we expected.  We are very grateful.

User: Website Customer   Date: April, 2016

Praise: Great packaging.  Thank you for being so conscientious.

User: nimccarthy ( 18Yellow star icon for feedback score in between 10 to 49)  Date: April, 2016

Praise: Peter is wonderful to do business with. Outstanding

User: Website Customer   Date: April, 2016

Praise: You do indeed have very high quality products.  It is perfect and just what we were looking for.  Thank you for you suggestions.

 ( 1563Red star icon for feedback score in between 1,000 to 4,999) Date: March, 2016

Praise: This was an expensive transaction. It was easy, and well done. Highly recommend!!

User: Website Customer   Date: March, 2016

Praise: My wife is very happy with the set.  It was a great surprise birthday gift. Thank you.

User: Website Customer   Date: February, 2016

Praise: We received the shipment ok.  Everything was intact.  Will order again.

User: Website Customer   Date: February, 2016

Praise: I received the shipment ok. The tea set if very beautiful.  I feel like I am in France.  

User: Website Customer   Date: January, 2016

Praise: The pieces match perfectly.  Thank you for your fast shipping. 

User: mcowleyph ( 101Teal star icon for feedback score in between 100 to 499)  Date: January, 2016

Praise: Wonderful seller and absolutely beautiful piece. Many thanks!

User: Website Customer   Date: January, 2016

Praise: Thank you.  I am surprised at how quickly the shipment arrived from France.  EXCELLENT.

User: Website Customer   Date: December  2015

Praise: Thank you.  Everything is fine. Appreciate the follow-up.

User: Website Customer   Date: December, 2015

Praise: I love Puiforcat and this set is perfect.  We are still thinking about the tea set.  Thank you.

User: Website Customer   Date: November, 2015

Praise: We couldn't be happier. Thank you.

User: Website Customer   Date: November, 2015

Praise: The set arrived ok.  It will make a great wedding present.  Thank you.

User: Website Customer   Date: November, 2015

Praise: I appreciate your help.  All the pieces are fine. Thank you very much.

User: Website Customer   Date: October, 2015

Praise: Thanks, keep me posted if you find the Odiot set.  

User: Website Customer   Date: September, 2015

Praise: All three shipments arrived ok.. Thanks for the great packing. Everything in perfect condition.

User: alaink4 ( 119Teal star icon for feedback score in between 100 to 499 Date: September, 2015

Praise: No trouble with shipping, thanks for the excellent packing and prompt service

User: Website Customer   Date: August, 2015

Praise: Thanks for helping with financing.  The set arrived ok.  It was worth the wait.

User: Website Customer   Date: August, 2015

Praise: Tea Set arrived and it is very beautiful.  Will order again.

User: Website Customer   Date: July, 2015

Praise: Everything arrived safely. Thanks for the prompt service and quick delivery.

User: Website Customer   Date: June, 2015

Praise: Exactly what I was looking for.  Thanks for the great deal and excellent packaging.

User: Website Customer   Date: June, 2015

Praise: Absolutely stunning silver set.  Thank you so much for your great service and product.

User: Website Customer   Date: May, 2015

Praise: Thank you so much.  We are very pleased.

User: Website Customer   Date: May, 2015

Praise: Arrived ok, will definitely refer you site to colleagues, appreciate the consideration.

User: Website Customer  Date: April, 2015

Praise: Very pleased, thank you for a great deal, best online purchase yet.

User: Website Customer  Date: March, 2015

Praise: Gorgeous set, arrived very fast from France in excellent condition, highly recommend this seller.

User: dehoek0414 ( 3 )   Date: February, 2015

Praise: Beautiful set, seller very approachable and THANK YOU FOR PROMPT COMMUNICATION

User: Website Customer  Date: January, 2015

Praise: Outstanding vendor and an outstanding coffee set! Highly recommended

User: Website Customer  Date: January, 2015

Praise: Fast Shipping, excellent tea set, thanks for the great deal.

User: Website Customer  Date: January, 2015

Praise: The knives matched perfectly, thank you so much.

User: Website Customer  Date: December, 2014

Praise: Excellent seller, will buy again, A+++++

User: Website Customer Date: November, 2014

Praise: Outstanding vendor and an outstanding coffee set! Highly recommended

User: Website Customer  Date: October, 2014

Praise: Perfect transaction, excellent condition, fast shipping, Thanks.

User: shad_dabi ( 37)  Date: October, 2014

Praise: Outstanding vendor and an outstanding coffee set! Highly recommended

Website Customer:  M. R. South Africa  Date: September, 2014

Praise: Received it ok. Thanks.

Website Customer: S. O. Missouri  Date: September, 2014

Praise: Definitely 5 star

User: kosso ( 971)  Date: August 16, 2014

Praise: Exquisite Flatware. Great communication. Super fast shipping. All in all: A++++

Website Customer: C. W. Shanghai, China   Date: July 25, 2014

Praise: The flatware finally cleared customs and we are it is even more beautiful than expected.  Thank you. Now looking for a tea set.

Website Customer: F. M. Columbus, Ohio  Date: June 30, 2014

Praise: The chest and the set arrived perfectly.  Thank you for a great family treasure.

User:  sros4353 ( 153)   Date: June 10, 2014

Praise: Thank you , beautiful plates.

Website Customer:  M. T. Hamburg, Germany   Date: May 30, 2014

Praise: The candlesticks arrived ok.  Thank you very much.

User:  steverab ( 12)   Date: May 25, 2014

Praise: A joy to do business with, from start to finish.

Website Customer: B. A. Brisbane, Australia   Date: April 7, 2014

Praise: Thanks again the platters arrived sooner than I expected.  Very pleased.

Website Customer:  J.B. Windsor, Ontario    Date: April 2, 2014

Praise: The set arrived in time for the my wife's birthday. Thanks for the extra effort.

User:  nicejewishguy ( 2 )   Date: March 7, 2014

Praise: Peter was communicative and helpful at all points in the transaction

Website Customer:  J.P. Philadelphia, PA    Date: February 15, 2014

Praise: EXCELLENT, the tea set arrived and everything is perfect.

Website Customer:  M.H.  Atlanta, GA Date: February 6, 2014

Praise: Everything arrived safely.  Thank you for the great job packing.

Website Customer:  J.L. Los Angeles, CA    Date: January 20, 2014

Praise: Thank you for an excellent deal. My wife is very happy.

Website Customer:  A. W. New York, NY    Date: December 19, 2013

Praise: Everything arrived safely.  Thank you for the great job packing.

User:  thanku41 ( 1333)    Date: November 29, 2013

Praise: Thank you, 5*****

Website Customer: P. B. Washington, D.C.   Date: November 3, 3013

Praise: Thank you again for a great. We are most grateful.

Website Customer:  L.H. Austin, Texas    Date: October 15, 2013

Praise: Stunning flatware set. Thank you so much. It was a great anniversary A+++

User: gintautas-1971 (7)   Date:Oct-10-13:13 PDT

Praise: Excellent Service, Great Communication

Website Customer:  N. B. San Francisco, CA.  Date: Sept 28, 2013

Praise: Everything arrived ok. Thank you for a great gift. I use it every day.

Website Customer:  S. L. St. Louis, MO..  Date: Sept 15, 2013

Praise: Perfect transaction and ultra fast shipping from Paris.  Very Impressed.

User: moto0103 ( 21Yellow star icon for feedback score in between 10 to 49)   Date:Sep-12-13 06:53 PDT

Praise: good,thanks

User: greggchuck ( 84Feedback score is 50 to 99)   Date:Aug-16-13 10:42:05 PDT

Praise: Phenomenal - the set is incredible - packing was first class - crated in wood

User: nimccarthy ( 7 )   Date:May-08-13 14:10:23 PDT

Praise: It was a pleasure dealing with Peter. I highly recommend this seller.

Website Customer:  M.D. New York, NY.  Date: April 30, 2013

Praise: Thank you for the gorgeous set.  We were quite overwhelmed and also appreciated the expert packaging. .

Website Customer:  Mary.  Dallas, TX.  Date: April 22, 2013

Praise: Everything arrived ok and I am very pleased with the set.  Thank you for your help and for the fast shipping.  I will order again.

Website Customer: N.M California.  Date: April 12, 2013

Praise: The Christofle Royal flatware has arrived. It is beautiful. I will enjoy using it. Thank you for a great transaction.

User:kalunga22 ( 343Feedback score is 100 to 499)    Date:Apr-08-13 19:31:26 PDT

Praise: Thank you for an easy, pleasant transaction. Excellent Seller. A++++++.

User:cadyhillhouse ( 1 )    Date:Apr-08-13 06:35:19 PDT

Praise: Seller kept in contact, willing to work with me and was great to work with! TY

Website Customer: M.D. California.  Date: Mar, 2013

Praise: I received the silver today and cannot tell you how delighted I am. It's just beautiful, exactly what I wanted. It was wonderful doing business with you (which I will of course express on EBay). And thanks, too, for your help with the strange questions that had to be answered to get out of customs.

User:seamateo ( 1094Feedback score is 1000 to 4,999)    Date:Mar-28-13 21:36:08 PDT

Praise: Absolutely STUNNING SILVER - FLAWLESS transaction! AAA++++++

User:ralphiedog ( 9 )   Date:Mar-07-13 15:20:46 PST

Praise: Wonderful experience. Helpful, honest, responsive. Very happy.

Website Customer: N.J.  New York, Date: Feb-20-13

Praise: Thank you for a great treasure.  We are very excited and very pleased.  We will probably order again.  If you find the Puiforcat Elysee Pattern, please contact me.

User:jenniehampson ( 32Feedback score is 10 to 49)   Date:Feb-16-13 22:10:10 PST

Praise: Everything arrived safely and are just spectacular. Any other pieces to add to
this set? Thanks again.

User:mundynwg ( 28Feedback score is 10 to 49)   Date:Oct-19-12 16:10:19 PDT

Praise: Perfect transaction. Far exceeded expectations.

Website Customer G. P. Ottawa.  Date: Sept, 2012

Praise: Very impressive set.  Thank you we are in your debt.

User:vuemer83110 ( 253Feedback score is 100 to 499)   Date:Sep-23-12 08:13:41 PDT

Praise: Bonne transation , great buyer

User:dirkudi ( 800Feedback score is 500 to 999)   Date:Sep-15-12 18:54:16 PDT

Praise: One of the best!

Website Customer: J.O., Singapore.  Date: Aug, 2012

Praise: Thank you for the lovely dinner set.  It is absolutely stunning and whole family is very happy.

User:m1yor ( 34Feedback score is 10 to 49)   Date:Aug-21-12 06:31:24 PDT

Praise: Great communication, great experience, great seller!

User:entranca ( 1623Feedback score is 1000 to 4,999)   Date:Aug-09-12 18:52:49 PDT

Praise: Good buyer! Highly recommended!! +++++

Website Customer: M. S., Hong Kong.  Date: June, 2012

Praise: The set arrived today.  Thank you so much.  It will be very much appreciated by the whole family.  M.S. Hong Kong

User: 2011candymama ( 80)   Date: Jun-11-12 02:19

Praise: very beautiful silver ware. Thank you for the the fast delivery

Website Customer: J. M., Georgia, USA.  Date: May, 2012

Praise: Thank you so much.  The set is absolutely gorgeous, and it is in much better condition than I would have expected given its age.  J. M. Atlanta

Website Customer: H.B, Cannes, France.  Date: May, 2012

Praise: Hi again Peter, Thanks you for your prompt response.  I'll certainly keep..... in touch with you; so please if you'll get anything else complementary to this set from Linzeler, email me and I'll get back to you ASAP.  Thank you so much for your care and kind attention, Sincerely yours, H.B.

Website Customer: J.W., Canberra, Australia.  Date: May, 2012

Praise:  Hello Peter, The set arrived today and I am very happy with it. Thanks for your great service and I hope to be in touch again soon. Regards, J.W. Managing Director

Website Customer: M.M.  USA.  Date: February, 2012

Praise:  Hi Peter,  I hope this finds you well! Mary adores her silver.  Thanks so much for all your help with this! E.O.

User:spotpot ( 2125)   Date:Jan-02-12 22:21:49 PST

Praise: Lovely item, as described, good communication, fast delivery; to be recommended

User: mlynettel ( 8 )   Date:Nov-17-11 09:25:21 PST

Praise: Extraordinarily high quality of offerings, backed by solid expertise, perfect !

Website Customer: J.H., NSW, Australia.  Date: September, 2011

Praise:  Dear Peter, The set has finally arrived and it is gorgeous.  I have set it all our on the dining foom table and I am so pleased with it.  Enjoy your holiday with your family. Thanks. J.

Website Customer: C.H., Rhode Island, USA.  Date: September, 2011 

Praise:  Many thanks.  I do like these candelabra and am deligted.  I would be grateful if you could send to me some information regarding the sponsor/maker's mark.  Until next time.

Website Customer: G.D., MD,  Wyoming, USA.  Date: July 28, 2011

Praise:  Thanks for sending the inspection pieces.  We decided that the Puiforcat sterling silver place settings were exactly what we were looking for, and would clearly fill our needs. You have been ideal to work with, and have made our 45th Wedding Anniversary Dinner a success before It has happened.

User: ontologyshop ( 190)   Date:Jun-20-11 16:32:42 PDT

Praise: Kind, informative, seller. Trustworthy and professional always. Best of Ebay

User: mikalouwyo ( 3 )   Date:May-05-11 17:35:15 PDT

Praise: One of the most professional businesses we have ever dealt with! A pleasure!

User: lorisilverberg ( 12)   Date:Apr-30-11 10:32:26 PDT

Praise:  Absolutely delightful seller-extremely professional, highly accessible & helpful. 

Website Customer: J.S. Singapore   Date: April 18, 2011

Praise: Just to inform you that that Lenain set has arrived.  The look lovely.  Thank you again.  God Bless and keep in touch.

Website Customer: M.M. Brooklyn, N. Y.   Date:Apr-30-11 10:32:26 PDT

Praise:  The silver was delivered in perfect condition!  I can't tell you how excited the children were! It has inspired them to collect and look for more antique silver and porcelain.  We skyped last night; and they were absolutely right.......it is exquisite! It has been a pleasure doing business with you.

User:dave3196 ( 75)   Date:Feb-03-11 18:36:14 PST

Praise: Beautiful set!!!!! Great communication, shipped fast, excellent eBayer! A+++

User:mingary ( 284)   Date:Oct-18-10 14:39:56 PDT

Praise: No problems, fast delivery, many thanks

User:jamesseow ( 6 )   Date:Oct-14-10 11:08:05 PDT

Praise: It was lovely doing business with Estate-Sterling

User:yakovlevandrey ( 100)   Date:Sep-07-10 14:01:08 PDT

Praise: An absolute pleasure to do business with. Enjoy!

User:sulikowska ( 17)   Date:Sep-06-10 07:05:48 PDT

Praise: Great communication. Super fast shipping. Wonderful experience.

User:hubsnbert7204 ( 86)   Date:Aug-26-10 14:53:54 PDT

Praise: wonderful thx

User:boblitwack ( 100)   Date:Aug-26-10 07:37:43 PDT

Praise: Great seller. Unbelievably fast delivery from France. BUY FROM HIM!

User:margesthings ( 51)   Date:Aug-25-10 17:06:02 PDT

Praise: Excellent ebayer, pleasure to do business with - amazingly fast shipping!! A++++

User:p.angenieux ( 5 )   Date:Jul-14-10 20:35:06 PDT

Praise: A most attractive piece - Thank you for excellent service.

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